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Architectural Control Committee
Committee Overview (updated 01/21/2020)

CLICK HERE to view the current ACC Bulletin from 3/6/2016 which defines the committee's current approval standards.

CLICK HERE to access the online ACC Application.


What is the ACC and who administers the approval process?  The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) consists of a group of three volunteers who review applications submitted by homeowners who wish to make modifications to their property.  Their objective is to ensure all proposed modifications maintain the beauty, continuity and consistency of the neighborhood.  The HOA Board maintains a liaison to the ACC to assist the committee when needed but the Board has no right whatsoever to review, reverse or modify any ACC decision.   The ACC is fully autonomous and administers the approval process unhindered.


What requires ACC approval?  Any modification (be it an alteration, addition, replacement or deletion) to your property requires ACC approval.  Remember that any item or structure visible from the street is subject to ACC approval and exclusion.  Note: in cases of a replacement-in-kind of an existing item or structure, clearly indicate this on the application, along with the materials and specific brands/colors to ensure they're documented for future reference (e.g. stain or paint, shingles, fence pickets, etc.).

How do you submit an ACC application?  To complete the application form online CLICK HERE.  If you'd prefer to complete a paper application, the preferred method of submission is via email but a fax to Accelerated Mgmt would also work.  Alternatively, you could mail the application to: Accelerated Mgmt ATTN: Villages of Northshore HOA, 1011 Surry Rd Flower Mound, TX 75022 - but this would substantially increase the approval timeline.  Generally, we target an initial review and preliminary decision within 72-hours.  It is important to note that different modifications carry different submission requirements so please refer to the ACC Bulletin, updated March 6, 2016, for specifics.


What happens if you fail to submit an ACC application prior to initiation of an affected project?  You are subject to the HOA’s fining policy until the application is approved and any stipulations are complied with.


What does an ACC approval guarantee?  An ACC approval guarantees that your proposed modification complies with current HOA standards and the approval remains in effect indefinitely.  It does NOT, however, guarantee or suggest in any way that your proposed modification is in accordance with State or local building codes or permit requirements; that responsibility lies solely with the homeowner.

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